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12, two each from Apollo 11 to Apollo 17 excluding Apollo 13 which never made it to the moon.

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Q: How many people landed on moon so far?
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How many Americans have landed on the moon?

12 men have been to the moon, so far...

Who was the lady landed on the moon?

So far not a single lady landed on the moon.

Who is the first woman that landed on the moon?

So far not a single women landed on the moon.

Have people landed on Pluto?

No. No people have landed on any planet, but men have landed on Earth's moon. Seeing that Pluto is very far away, it is unlikely that people will ever land there.

How many Americans have been on the moon?

So far 12 American astronauts have landed and walked on the moon.

How far away was the moon when man landed on it?

The moon was 12

Who was the the first of us women on the moon?

No woman has yet landed on the moon. Only American Men have landed on the moon thus far.

Brothers who first landed on the moon?

So far two brothers have not yet landed on the moon, in the future they could.

How many people have landed on Neptune?

Nobody has been to Neptune. It is much too far away. The furthest anyone has been from Earth is to the Moon.

How many countries have landed on the moon?

As far as is known up to the present time, all known countries have remained on earth. None has landedon the moon, or moved to any other extra-terrestrial destination, even temporarily.All of the PEOPLE known to have landed on the moon have been citizens of the USA.

How many Americans landed on the moon?

there have been 12 so far. i am very sure, completely confident.

Who was the first girl to step on your moon?

So far not a single women has landed on the moon.

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