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you need 3 to 4 science credits

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Q: How many science credit do you need for some of the collages in South Dakota or other states?
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How many science museums are located in the United States?

There are 423 science centers/museums located in the United States.

Who made science popular?

In the United States probably the most famous science popularizer was Carl Sagan who was an astronomer best known for his show Cosmos in the early 1980s. Currently popular science popularizers in the United States include Bill Nye and Neil deGrasse Tyson.

What is true about the impact of science and technology on the economic development of the US and on standards of living?

science and technology has had a positive impact on the economic development of the United States and has improved standards of living

What is the difference between Political Science and Civics as a course of study?

Civics is a part of political science. The scope of political science is more wider than civics. Civics is the study of citizenship and Political science is the study of states. These two disciplines are closely interconnected. In some countries, Civics is taught as an initials of Political science but in higher stage there is no need to study civics. State without citizen is impossible. so, Civics is the primary or initial study of Political science.

Definition of general science?

The term General Science generally refers to a course of study that includes introductory material for all of the major physical, biological, and earth sciences. Young people are usually introduced to science through descriptive general science courses. At the college level, a general science course in intended to illustrate common methodologies and modes of thinking among the sciences.The topics include:A brief history of science and an introduction to the scientific method.Chemistry: atomic theory, states of matter, changes in states, solutions.Physics: Motion and forces, work and simple machines, sound, optics, electricity magnetism, modern physics.Earth Science: astronomy, geology, oceanography, meteorology.Biology: Cells, classifications of organisms, plants and photosynthesis, evolution, ecology.

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