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100 proof alcohol is 50% alcohol and 50% distilled H20. The weight of alcohol is 7 lbs per gallon and the weight of distilled water is 8.34 pounds per gallon. if you mix them 50/50 you should have a final weight of 4.17 + 3.5 = 7.67 pounds:)

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Q: How much does 100 proof alcohol weigh per Gallon?
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How much does 1 gallon of 80 proof liquor weigh?

6.75 pounds, when mixed solely in an alcohol and water solution.

How much does a gallon of concrete weigh?

how much does a gallon of concrete weigh

Weight of one gallon of alcohol?

Almost the same as pure water The specific gravity of fermented wine is very close to that of water, because although the weight is increased by dissolved solids, it is reduced by the alcohol content. Sweet wines tend to have a higher SG, so they weigh a bit more per gallon than water, which weighs 8.34 pounds per US gallon. During the winemaking process, it can weigh as much as 9 pounds or more.

What is the meaning importance and use of proof in alcohol beverages?

the proof is used to tell you how much alcohol is in it. 100 proof is about 50% alcohol so jsut divide the proof by 2 the higer the proof the more alcohol

How much alcohol is 48 proof?

48 proof means 24 % alcohol. Sounds like maybe a high alcohol wine or cough medicine.

If you are drinking 60 proof aclohol how much pure alcohol are you drinking?

60 proof alcohol is 30% pure alcohol. So if you are drinking a 60 proof alcohol, you are consuming 30% of pure alcohol content in that beverage.

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What is 86 proof alcohol?

The "Proof" of an alcoholic beverage is an indicator of it's alcohol content on a 200 point scale. Take the Proof # and divide it by 2 to find out what the percentage is. So, to answer you specific question, 86/2= 43. Therefore 86 proof alcohol is 43 percent alcohol.

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