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There is no such unit of measurement as a width. If you wish to know how wide a swimming pool is, ask someone who is in charge of your local swimming pool and they might know.

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Q: How much is 1 width in meters?
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What it's the width of a box with A volume of 75 cubic meters length of 15 meters and a height of 5 meters?

The width of the box will be 1 meter.

What is the width of the Jefferson Memorial?

The width of the Jefferson Memorial is 55 feet 1 1/2 inches (16.80 meters)

If a rectangle is 10 meters longer than its width what is its width?

= If a rectangle is 10 meters longer than its width what is its width? =

1.5 meters long by 1 meter width What is the square meters?

assuming you mean the area in square meters 1.5*1=1.5 1.5m2

How much meter is a refrigerator?

A meter is not a refrigerator.My refirgerator has a height of 1.8 meters, a width of 0.8 meters and a depth of 0.6 meters.

The si unit you would use to measure the width of your classroom?


The perimeter of a rectangle is 50 meters and its length is 12 meters. What is the width of the rectangle?

The width of the rectangle is 13 meters. The perimeter of the rectangle is 50 meters, and its length is 12 meters. The 50 meters is 2 times the length plus 2 times the width. With a length of 12 meters, twice that is 24 meters. That leaves 50 meters - 24 meters for twice the width. And 50 - 24 = 26, which is twice the width. The 26 meters divided by 2 = 13 meters, which is the width of the rectangle.

If the length of a rectangle is 24.7 meters and the area is 550.81 meters what is the width of the rectangle?

length*width = area 24.7*width = 550.81 Divide both sides by 24.7 to find the width: width = 22.3 meters

How many square meters are in 1 kilometer by 7.3 meters width?

Assuming you are talking about a rectangle, convert everything to meters. Then multiply.

What length of a rectangular with12 meters and the width 7 meters?

the length of a rectangular garden is 12 meters and the width is 7 meters. What is the area

What are the dimensions of a rectangle with a width of 50 centimeters and an area of 1 square meter?

Its dimensions are: 0.5 meters by 2 meters

Would a width of a wall be meters or kilometers?


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