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The wind is blowing with so much force that the leaf doesn't have enough strength to withstand it, therefore the wind slows down a little but still retains its forward motion.

Another example is when you punch a brittle wall. If you hit it with enough force it will break and your fist will go through and keep its forward motion, albeit a little slower.

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there are 3 laws of motion, but i assume you mean action and reaction. I was confused as well, but the force is the same of the wind and the leaf. Because the leaf is so small, its force doesnt compare, but it is equal to the wind.

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The force of the wind on the leaf interacts with the force of the weight of the leaf and the leaf's wind resistance to move the leaf around erratically.

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Q: How would Newtons laws of motion apply to a leaf that is being blown away by the wind?
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