How would a school be without electricity?

Updated: 8/11/2023
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that would be it would be dark

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Q: How would a school be without electricity?
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What would the world be without electricity i need to write a speech on this so paragraphs please and examples of what life would be like wothout electricity?

Electricity has been a cornerstone of technology for the last 120+ years. Without electricity many common things that individuals take for granted wouldn't exist - including: refridgeration, mass transport, computers, telephones, and many other daily use items.

How would you reverse static electricity?

Assuming by 'reverse' you mean 'discharge without shocking yourself', put your hand in some water.

How does science play a role in your everyday?

TV, Radio, Computers, Cars, Telephone, Electricity, none of these would be possible without science.

How is science and technology is important to your lives?

without science and technology, we would still be hunter-gatherers working hard for a living, and there would be no such things as cars, electricity, cities, computers, the internet, etc.

What would be different if electricity was never discovered?

electricity was never invented. it has always been there. it is said that Benjamin Franklin discoved electricity. if he didnt dicover it there would be no electronics although some1 else would probably discover itAnswerElectricity was identified as synonymous with lightning by Franklin, who did several experiments with it. Further, Franklin did not "invent" it; no one did. It was a known energy force quite awhile before his experiments. Electricity itself--the motion of electrons--is an inherent property of every material in the universe. Without it, the universe as we know it would not exist.Also, we wouldn't have all those awesome video games, TV, and computer. :(:(:(

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How much electricity does a school use a year?

it should be none because without electricity we cant go to school!

Would it be harder to learn in a school without electricity?

It wold be really hard because there would be no lights, no TVs no no computers. It would be so hard.

What source of electricity that we are using at school and home?

This would be either electricity or natural gas, it varies from place to place.

How would an automobile work without electricity?

if it is a diesel

Were is electricity used?

Electricity is used almost everywhere in advanced countries. Modern life would be impossible without electricity.

What would the world be without electricity you need to write a speech on this so paragraphs please and examples of what life would be like wothout electricity?

We are unable to provide praragraphs on what the world would be like without electricity. However, it would very much affect normal life as we use electricity in everyday life.

What is one solution to prevent electricity for school?

It isn't clear why you would want to prevent electricity. Electricity is normally quite useful.

Can people live without electricity?

No, neural signals in the body are electrical in nature. Without electricity your heart and other muscles would not function.

How would you feel without electricity?

well without it we wouldn't be able to ask that question , without electricity some people would go crazy , most objects are now made with electric machines , this would no longer be able to happen

Can the world live without electricity?

it can, but it would be very hard.

How can a computation be performed without electricity?

A computation without electricity can be performed, although some equipment would be required. For example, a Chinese abacus and Japanese Soroban would needed for a digital computation.

What are importance of electricity in life?

well put it this way without electricity in life one direction would not be famous