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treat them as you would a normal person but (depending on what is wrong with them) politely offer them some help now and again but dont treat them like a child (if you want a specific answer pleaase ask)

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Q: How would you being sympathetic to a patient?
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What is a person called who is being treated by a doctor?

a patient

Once a sympathetic preganglionic axon reaches a trunk ganglion what can it do?

it can 1. synapse with a ganglionic neuron in the same trunk ganglion, 2. ascend or descend the sympathetic trunk to synapse in another trunk ganglion or 3. pass through the trunk ganglion and emerge from the sympathetic trunk without synapsing The answer: Synapse with a parasympathetic neuron in the same trunk ganglion

What is the independent variable in an experiment designed to compare the differences in health outcomes between patients visited in the hospital by therapy cats and patients who are not?

Whether a therapy cat has visited the patients would be the independent variable. A secondary independent variable, not as readily noticeable in this question, is whether the patients saw, touched, or otherwise interacted with a therapy cat or cats.For example, 6 patients out of 100 patients visited by the cat were sleeping; those 6 patients never saw, touched, or interacted with the cats. The sample could not include those 6 patients.Further, other variables would also be independent and need to be accounted for, including:the patient's mobility; the benefits would be harder to assess with a paralyzed patientthe patient's mental state; the benefits would be harder to assess with a patient who is having active hallucinations or severe dementiathe patient's medications; a patient given sedative medications would not be alert to see or interact with a therapy petAnd, the exact behaviors being studied need to be pre-defined in order to properly assess the "outcomes".

Is sympathetic active after you have eaten a meal?

Unless some other factor (e.g., a bear trying to attack you) activates your sympathetic nervous system, the parasympathetic, not the sympathetic, nervous system is active after eating. Parasympathetic activation results in a decline of the stress hormones epinephrine and norepinephrine, which allows blood to be directed towards the digestive system so that digestion and absorption of nutrients can occur. When the sympathetic nervous system is activated, blood is diverted from the "non-essential" organs, such as the digestive system, and towards the heart, brain, and muscles.

Is range of motion testing subjective or objective?

Active range of motion is that motion performed voluntarily by a patient and is subjective in nature as the patient can move the body part as far or as little as they wish. Passive range of motion, which is that motion of a body part performed by an examiner is objective as the voluntary restriction of the motion is less likely to be influenced by the patient being examined.

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What is sympathetic mood?

Being sympathetic is when you feel bad for someone and you expressing your sorrow for them.

What system is involved if a patient complains of cold hands and feet?

Sympathetic nervous system

What is compassionate?

Being kind and understanding, sympathetic.

The doctor was treating the patient Is the sentence in an active or passive voice?

The active voice. The subject of the sentence ('the doctor') is the 'doer' of the action of the verb ('was treating'). If it were in the passive voice it would read 'The patient was being treated by the doctor.' The subject of the sentence ('the patient') would be the 'recipient' of the action of the verb ('was being treated').

Is patient the same as be patient?

Being patient means waiting for something without being bothered with having to wait. A patient is a person who requires medical care. A patient is a noun.

What symptoms might the sympathetic division of the autonomic nervous system produce in a patient experiencing stress?

Blood will most definetly shoot out your anus. For sure.

What releases catecholamines as a neurotransmitter?

it would be postganglionic sympathetic fibers

What is the correct spelling for this sentence Thank you for being so patient?

"Thank you for being so patient." That is correct.

What would result if the sympathetic system was damaged?

There is no sympathetic system in your body. The closest thing to emotions or feelings is arguably either the heart, brain, or soul.

How do sympathetic and parasympathetic activity control heart rate during hypobaric hypoxic conditions What is the basic mechanism of action?

Sympathetic activity during hypobaric hypoxic condition would increase while parasympathetic action would decrease. Parasympathetic activity via the vegus nerve would decrease its affects on the AV and SA nodes because of the increase in sympathetic activity. Cyclic AMP from the increase in sympathetic activity blocks Ach from binding muscarinic receptors on the nerves. This blocking of Ach would slow G protein from keeping leak K channels being open and for the G Protein to slow its closing of T-type Ca channels. Increase in sympathetic activity leads to norepinephrine and epinephrine being released. They bind to B1 receptors that activate Gs to activate Adenylate cyclase to activate cAMP that causes pro Kinase to open funny channles and t-type Ca channles causing depolerization.

If cocaine blocks the reuptake of catecholamines it would be considered a?

sympathetic agonist

Sensory input from the skin would follow the?

sympathetic nerve way