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Q: If 89.2 ml of liquid has a mass of 75.2g calculate the liquid's density?
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How do you convert 752 gram to centigrams?

1 gram = 100 centigrams so 752g = 75200 cg

What is the emperical formula of a compound containing 365g of Na 221g of N and 752g of O?

Find moles. 365 grams Na (1 mole Na/22.99 grams) = 15.876 moles Na ======================================================================= Now, sodium and nitrogen are about one to one, so they will be 1 in the empirical formula and either can be the divisor of oxygen's mole number 47 mole O/15.774 mole N = 2.979 moles oxygen ----------------------------------we call this 3 NaNO3 -----------the empirical formula of the compound ( sodium nitrate )