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no the presure would become greater unless the contianer became larger the volume would stay the same

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Q: If the temperature of a gas were to increase would the volume increase?
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What will happen to gas pressure when the volume is decreased?

When the temperature of a gas is increased at a constant pressure, its volume increases. When the temperature of a gas is devreased at constnt pressure, its volume decreases.

How does volume affect temperature?

Normally there is no affect. In a gas, a CHANGE of volume of a single body, will give a change in temperature. If a gas is compressed the temperature will increase. If a gas is allowed to expand, there will be a reduction in temperature. This principle is used in diesel engines, to ignite the fuel by compression and fridges, where an expansion of gas causes cooling.

What happens if you put a balloon in the microwave?

It would increase in volume. According to Charles' Law, as you increase temperature the volume will increase as well. So if you would put it in a freezer, it would shrink because as you decrease temperature, you decrease volume.

Why does the pressure of a gas increase as its temperature increases?

Pressure is defined as the force and number of collisions the particles of gas have with the walls of its container. Temperature is defined as the average kinetic energy of particles of matter. What this means is that when you raise the temperature of a gas, you are raising the average kinetic energy of the particles by providing a source of heat. Because the particles have more kinetic energy, they move faster and more forcefully. Then the particles have more collisions with the container with more force--the definition of pressure.

Will the temperature of a gas increase or decrease or remain the same if the volume is decreased and the pressure is increased?

The volume of a gas will decrease.Let's think of some good examples. How about an air tank? Its volume is very small but the gas it contains could easily fill a small room. How is the volume so small, then? Because the gas is under extremely high pressure.Okay so intuition from every day life tells us increase in pressure means decrease in volume.Examples of temperature? A hot air balloon is filled by a flame that heats the gas inside it. The balloon gets bigger - the volume rises. This is an especially relevant example since the hot air balloon rises due to buoyancy, meaning the air inside it is less dense than the air outside it.Less dense means there is less mass per volume inside it, so again we know that the gas inside the balloon has undergone an increase in volume in response to being heated.So increase of temperature means an increase of volume.The answer to your question, then, is that the volume will decrease (which is actually kinda difficult to do sometimes...but still a theoretical fact).For further reading and understanding, see "Ideal gas law".

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Would the volume of a gas increase or decrease if the pressure on the gas increases?

According to the combined gas law, volume and pressure are indirectly related. Therefore, if the pressure of a gas increases, the volume will decrease.

What effect does an increase in temperature have on a gas's volume and pressure?

As indicated by the Ideal Gas Laws, increasing temperature will tend to increase both volume and pressure. Of course, volume can't always increase, that depends upon the flexibility or inflexibility of the container that the gas is in, and if the volume does increase that will counteract the increase in pressure that would otherwise have happened. Temperature, pressure, and volume are all interconnected in a gas.

The volume of a gas must increase?

The volume of a gas must increase when the temperature of the gas increases.

How do you increase the volume of gas?

To increase the volume of a gas * reduce the pressure, or * increase the temperature, or * add more gas

What happens to volume as temperature changes?

if volume of a gas increases temperature also increases

Raising temperature of a gas fixed volume container will change?

it would change the pressure exerted by the gas in the container.

How do you increase the pressure of gas?

decreasing the volume available for the gas or increasing its temperature

What effect does an increase in temperature have on a gas?

If possible, the gas will increase in volume. If it is unable to increase in volume for some reason, it will increase in pressure.

When does raising the temperature of a gas increase its preasure?

This is the Gay-Lussac law: at constant volume of a gas the temperature increase when the pressure increase.

What will result from increasing the temperature of gas?

Increasing the temperature of gas the volume increase.

What is the dependent variable that shows how the volume of gas changes with changes in temperature?

The volume of gas

What would increase the pressure of gas in a container?

Any of the following: increasing the amount of gas; increasing the temperature; reducing the volume.