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Two rays starting at the same point of origin form an angle

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Q: If two rays start at the same point they create a?
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What the angle of the sun's rays are like during the spring in Florida?

The angle of the sun's rays duriing in spring is the same as the sun's rays in fall during in Florida

What is a virtual image?

In optics, a virtual image is an image in which the outgoing rays from a point on the object never actually intersect at a visable point. However, if these rays were stretched out they would intersect at a point behind the mirror/surface.

When two light waves arrive at the same place at the same time they create a what of light?

Two light waves arriving at the same place at the same time will normally create an interference pattern of light, if they are not perfectly in phase; if they are perfectly in phase they will just create a brighter light.

What is a good example of test validity?

well for instance if you are doing an experiemtent to see which toy car goes further make sure you test it on the same surface starting at the same point and the same way or amount of force pushing it at the start. does that help?

In what way does the law of reflection hold for curved mirrors?

No. I don't honestly know why just that it doesn't because my teacher said so but she could be wrong. Some teachers can be pretty stupid. Yes of course. Don't spew nonsense. It's a LAW. All you have to do to prove this point, is to draw a semi-major axis, aka tangent to any point on the curved surface, draw the normal, then reflect the incoming ray. If you do this for parallel rays coming onto the curved surface, you'll realize that the reflected rays converge at one point, the focal point, because the curved mirror acts as a lens as well.