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vinigar and baking soda can wash pennies or any coin. put it in a jar, and put a cup of each then shake, shake, shake! it should come out clean!

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Q: Im doing a science fair project Which product Cleans a Copper Penny The Best What can I research About PLEASE HELP ME?
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What website can i use to find out research for what juice cleans pennies best project?

Probably some student's science fair blog. Search it on Google. Frankly, I don't think any serious research has been done on that topic.

Which juice cleans pennies the best science fair project information?

Most likely Citrus such as lemon or orange.

How does milk clean a penny?

I am doing this as a science fair project and I really need to find out how milk cleans pennies. Thanks.

What juice cleans pennies best between orange juice apple juice or fruit punch?

apple juice... I did that as a science fair project

Which toothpaste cleans your teeth the best?

I'm about to do a science project on this subject. This is the exact question I ask, which toothpate cleans your teeth the best? Well I'm about to find out. If I remember to say I'll "type" back. crest is the best

What cleaning product cleans leather harnesses?

Saddle soap.

What are the Effects of coke on a penny?

It cleans it, but Lime Juice does it even better. My brother did the science project. A better question, however, is what are the effects of coke on a full t-bone steak? In 3 days, all the meat from the steak is gone.

What household product cleans a car?

Ordinary soap that is not powder is an example of a household product that one can use to clean a car

What are the functions of viens?

To transport blood with waste product to the various organs of the body that cleans it up.

What cleans a ginger ale stain?

On what product? Clorox will clean crap out of glasses and off dishes. I think water would take out that product stain,.

Is their a product that cleans all different kinds of necklaces?

No, different metals require different types of cleaners.

What product cleans a penny better?

Lemon juice and salt can clean a dirty penny alsovinegar and salt