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Carbon dioxide is absorbed as a gas by the leaves of the plant.

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Q: In what form is carbon Dioxide taken by plant to produce their food?
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Gas taken in by plant is dioxide?

Plants take in carbon dioxide.

What is the source of the carbon in the sugars made by plant's?

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) from the air.

What is taken in by a plant during photosynthesis?

water carbon dioxide sunlight

What gases will be taken in and given out by a green plant in darkness?

Carbon dioxide is taken in. Oxygen is given out

When carbon dioxide is taken into a plant what molecule does the carbon eventually become a part of?

Carbon goes to CarbohydrateOxide goes to Oxygen

WhaT is the gas taken by plant?

The same gas you breathe out... or also known as Carbon Dioxide

The important cycle in nature that depends on photosynthesis is the?

The Carbon Cycle. Carbon is taken from Carbon Dioxide in the air to stored as sugar in the plant.

What two things must be taken in by a plant for photosynthesis?

The two things that a plant takes in for photosynthesis are : light and carbon dioxide.

What is exhaled by animals and absorbed by plants?

Animals, like humans, exhale carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is taken in by plants, and through the process of photosynthesis produce oxygen.

What is taken in from the atmosphere through leaves to make food for a plant?

carbon dioxide is taken in through the leaves and is then used in the process of photosynthesis to make food for the plant.

Plants take in carbon dioxide what is some of the carbon used to make?

Well, The carbon dioxide is taken into the chloroplasts along with water, and with the help of radiant energy, is turned into food that the plant can eat to survive.

How does a plant take in oxygen and carbon dioxide?

Carbon dioxide is taken in, usually during the day, through stomata (tiny pores on the underside of a leaf), and simultaneously oxygen is released. At night, if the plant is using cellular respiration for energy, oxygen is taken in and carbon dioxide released.The oxygen that is released comes from the breakdown of water, because hydrogen is needed for the photosynthesis reactions.