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AU and light-years are simply two different units of length, used in astronomy. The units are of different sizes. You can invent lots of other differences if you like, but basically, that's the difference - their size. Other differences might include how they are defined; and in what cases they are typically used.

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A light years is much larger. 1 light year is about 63,000 AU.

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Q: In what two ways are AUs and light years different?
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How many AUs is 5.5 light years?

5.5 light years equates to 347,818.194 AU (Astronomical Units).

Do AUs measure the speed of light?

No. An A.U. is the average radius of the Earths orbit around the Sun. (which can be measured in light years or light minutes (about 8) if you want).

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If you are traveling at light years what planet can you get to in 6 hours?

Light-speed is 299,800 km/s. The Earth is 8 light-minutes from the Sun at a distance of 1 astronomical unit, so in 6 hours you could get to a distance of 360/8 AUs, which is 45 AUs or more than double the distance of Uranus. It would be time for a radio signal to go to Uranus and back.

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