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If the drive can burn disks, then yes.

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No.Not really.

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Q: Is a DVD drive a storage device?
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Is a floppy disk input output or a storage device?

It's a storage device, much like a flash drive or dvd drive now.

Is disk drive an example of output device?

No a disk drive is neither input or output device, it is an optical disk drive (for CD/DVD's) and a disk drive (for hard drives) would be a storage device.

Is DVD an optical storage device yes or no?

A DVD is the media that data is written to. A DVD-ROM, DVD-RAM, DVD/RW etc is the optical storage device.

Is hard drive a storage device?

Yes, a hard drive is a storage device.

What is an external device used to store information?

An memory storage device that is literary on the outside of the computer case; such as a flash drive, CD, DVD, or external/portable hard drive.

Is a DVD device a computer?

No, a dvd device is either a DVD player, or a DVD drive on a computer.

What is the definition of storage device with examples?

A storage device is a device for storing something. The something may be energy, water, data, etc Energy storage devices: battery, gasholder, petrol tank. Water storage device: water tank Data storage device: CD, DVD, hard drive, RAM and ROM chips, magnetic tape, floppy disks

What is storage device interface?

storage is store a data , device is drive (data drive) eg harddisk pendrive.

Is disk drive is storage or input or output device?

Disk drive storage can be both an input and an output device.

Is DVD ROM magnetic storage device?


What type of storage device holds the LEAST amount of information?

The storage device that stores the least amount of information is a floppy disk which only has a average storage space of 1mb

What are the examples of primary and secondary storage devices?

A secondary storage device can be a hard drive or a CD/DVD drive connected to the secondary IDE motherboard connection.A storage medium that holds information until it is deleted or overwritten. For example, a floppy disk drive or a hard disk drive is an example of a secondary storage device.