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Because making gravy merely involves dissolving the powder in water, it is classified as a physical change. This is due to the fact that neither the powder, nor the water are undergoing and change in chemical properties.

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gravy is a chemical change because you cannot turn it back into its normal self.

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Q: Is making gravy a physical or chemical change?
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Is the gravy in the refrigerator jelled a chemical or physical?

Physical change: it's just beginning to freeze. Also, it's chemical composition stays the same.

Is there a difference between arrangement of atoms after a chemical and a physical change?

In a chemical change, the atoms or molecules are changed in that they become something else, like if something burns, while a physical change is if it changes state (e.g. gravy is like a jelly when it's cold so if you warm it up, it turns back into a liquid (physical change), but if you cook it too long it burns (chemical). That's how I remember it, anyway.

Is soup mixed with water a physical or chemical change?

It's both. The peas, carrots, etc all swirl about, that's physical. The water weakens the bonds on the beef as it heats up, and some of the particles come out of the beef and go into solution, along with the carrots, and some flour and salt and make a nice gravy, and some processes during cooking are chemical.

Why is it important to keep the sediment in the tray when making roast gravy?

It is important to leave the sediment in the tray whilst making roast gravy because it gives it more flavour.

Is it okay to use the turkey's liver when making giblet gravy?

Yes, liver is a main constituent of giblets so is essential to giblet gravy. I remove the giblets from the bird before putting it in the oven and make a stock with them for making the gravy after the bird is cooked.

How do you use suspension in a sentence?

Ted mixed flour into water until he had a suspension just right for making gravy. When Ted burned the gravy, his wife gave him a suspension order to stop making gravy. When Ted could no longer make gravy, he tried a new hobby of wirewalking, balancing himself on a suspension of wires.

How many ozs in gravey?

You question makes no sense, but if you are asking how many ozs of gravy granules to use to make gravy , then you need to follow the instruction on the tin or packet to get the correct amount for the volume of gravy you are making.

Does gravy mix have sugar in it?

Not usually, gravy is savory and sugar is not a normal ingredient, unless your making something special for Christmas then you may stir in red-current jam or something similar to enrich the gravy then it will have sugar in it.

When making a gravy do you dissolve the flour in hot or cold water?

Cold water

Name the 7 types of gravy?

Their are actually 9 types of gravy. Theyinclude: Chocolate Gravy Egg Gravy Giblet Gravy Mushroom Gravy Onion Gravy Red-Eye Gravy Vegetable Gravy Cream Gravy Brown Gravy

Can you use baking powder to make gravy instead of flour?

No. Baking powder doen't work anything like flour when it comes to gravy. You might be able to use other thickeners but if you're making gravy by making a roux and then adding liquid, you pretty much have to use flour.

How do hobos make their gravy?

First you must invest in bitcoin and I mean invest everything you own. Once bitcoin goes under you will then be the hobo you always wanted. After you are a hobo, go rob Bill Gates and steal his gravy. Wait for the rain and then you are a hobo making gravy.