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The density is a physical characteristic, specific for each material, including gases.

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Q: Is the density of gases a characteristic property?
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Is density a characteristic property?

Yes, the density is a characteristic property. Density is a physical property, an intensive property, independent on the amount of material.

Why is density characteristic property?

Density is a Characteristic Property because it is A quality of a substance that never changes and can be used to identify the substances.

A physical property is a characteristic of a substance is one that?

Density is a physical property; physical properties are measurable.

Is a characteristic property of the noble gases?

they do not react chemically APEXXX

What is the density of iron in saline water?

Density is the characteristic property of the material and it does not depend on the liquid in which it is immersed

How does cold temperature affect density?

there is a property called convection which applies to liquids and gases. that property says colder liquids or gases are denser.

What is a property of matter that is always the same no matter what size the sample?

yooh mom :] :] :?] >:?] :] :=] :"] :] >:] :] :]

Why is density a characteristic of physical property?

Density. Its considered a physical property because of the amount of mass/volume. Its an intensive physical property because you can measure density of solution without changing its chemical identify, it observable. ... Because a material that expands takes up a larger volume and it density decreases.Dec 10, 2014

Why is density considered to be a property?

In this context, property does not mean a financial asset that is owned, but a characteristic. Any physical object has mass and it occupies space. Both these are essential characteristics - or properties - of matter. Divide the mass by the volume and you have another characteristic or property and this one is called its density.

Is density a characteristic of property?

Yes, density is an intrinsic physical characteristic, specific for each material, a characteristic of matter. It's one of its properties. The density of matter is the mass of matter in a given unit of volume of that matter (It's mass per unit volume).

The most characteristic property of the noble gases is that they?

Noble gasses are not reactive. :)

Is the density of a substance a physical property of the substance?

Density is classified as a physical property because the density of a substance can change when the substance changes state. Example: When water evaporates it is a physical change and the density changes. A chemical property is a property that describes its ability to react chemically with other substances and THEREFORE density is not a chemical property.YES.