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it would say it was more of an english.

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Q: Is the journalism a science or art?
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What is the history of envelopmental journalism?

journalism is the art of spreading news and information through writing..= ]

How is political science both an art and science?

Political science is not an art. It is a science.

What type of degree should you consider for a journalism career?

Some people may want to pursue a journalism degree. You may also want an additional degree, but that depends on the type of career of journalism you want to pursue. For example, if you want to do science journalism, you might want to pursue a degree in science.

Is religion an art or science?

It is an art as it can not be a science.

What do you major in to become a democratic strategist?

Political Science and journalism

Is politicl science is science or art?

Erm...more of an art.

i hate science i only love ART?

love youuu ART

Behavioral science is regarded both as an art and science explain?

i think its both an art and a science

Is economics science or art?

It is a social science and also an art subject.

Is logic a science or an art?

It's a science for those who do not know that it is an art.

Why can you say surveying is an art and science?

why you say surveying is an art and science

What is the meaning of science art?

things that pertain to science in art project