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for Gate exam there is a validity but i think for pgeset there is no validity.

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Q: Is there validity for pgecet rank?
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No there is no neagtive marking in PGECET.

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Is there any negative marking in pgecet?

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Two common methods for assessing validity in psychological tests are content validity, which involves examining whether the test adequately covers the content it is supposed to measure, and criterion validity, which looks at how well a test predicts or correlates with an external criterion. Other types of validity include construct validity, which assesses whether the test measures the theoretical construct it claims to measure, and face validity, which considers if the test appears to measure what it intends to measure.

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If you gain internal validity do you lose external validity

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others type of validity of a test other than content

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Validity generalization is a statistical approach used to demonstrate that test validities do not vary across situations

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