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Nope! but it takes a lot less to cerate a lot more energy cleaner (except for what's left) and it is a better alternative to coal as long as we have a good place to put the waste when we're done

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Q: Is uranium renewable or nonrenewable
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How is uranium and non renewable resources related?

Uranium is also a nonrenewable resource.

Is uranium a is uranium a renewable or nonrenewable resource?

Nonrenewable. It is a metal that is mined (dug out of the earth) when it has all been dug up, it's gone. Nothing make more uranium.

Is zirconium a nonrenewable or renewable resource?

It is possible to recycle some components made from zirconium, as for many other metals.

Would nuclear fusion be a nonrenewable or renewable source?

It would technically be a nonrenewable resource, because the elements we use (uranium) will eventually run out.

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What are renewable reasorces and nonrenewable resources?

Renewable resources are those that naturally replenish, such as solar, wind powered, hydro-powered, and geothermal. Nonrenewable resources are those that do not replenish themselves, or do not do so in a short period of time. Nonrenewable resources include coal, oil, uranium, etc.

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Is electronic nonrenewable or renewable?

are electronic equipments renewable or nonrenewable

Is bauxite renewable or nonrenewable?

== == It is nonrenewable. ---- ----

Is a Can a renewable or nonrenewable?

A can is nonrenewable because it is made of metal and metal is a nonrenewable resource. But it can be recycled. It doesn't necessarily mean it is renewable. The simple answer is that a can is nonrenewable.

Is uranium renewable?

no uranium is not renewable

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