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A materiel that allows an electric charge to pass through it is an conducter (copper, for example)

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A material in which charges can move freely are called conductors.

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Q: Materials that allow the charges of an electric current to move freely through them are called what?
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Which type of materials allow the charges of an electric current to move freely through them?

Conductors, such as metals.

What is the continuous flow of electric charges through a material?

Yes, an electric current is the flow of charged particles.

What is the flow of electrical charges through a material?

Electric Current.

The flow of negative charges through matter is called?

A continuous flow of negative charges is called an electric current.

Materials that allow the charges of an current to move freely through them are called?


What is current elctricity?

current electricity is the flow of charge is called the current and it is the rate at which electric charges pass through a conducter

Does electric charges travel only through wire?

There are 2 questions in this : 1: if it is about material... A: No electric charges can also travel through all the conductors of electricity like water, humans, animals, metals etc. 2: if it is about area in which electric charges pass through... A: No, If current is AC then it travels on the surface of the wire, and if the current is DC then it travels through the wire evenly.

What type of magnetic field will produce an electric current in a wire?

A current carrying wire has a magnetic field around it but no electric field.There will be electric field around a body only if it has static electricity.In this wire, charges(electrons) are moving.The number of charges entering is equal to number of charges leaving the conductor.So it remains neutral.A neutral body cannot have an electric field around it. ACTUALLY, there IS also an electric field. A current is made up of moving charges, and all charges (moving or static) create an electric field. Materials that have a neutral charge are not good conductors and therefore would not have a current going through them in the first place.

What is the path for transmitting electric currents?

Electric currents flow from the source through the circuit and back to the source in materials called conductors.

Is the continuous flow of charges through a material is called electric resistance?

No, it's called 'current'.

How an electric current is produced?

When charges (means charged bodies) move , then we say that an electric current is produced. If charges remain at rest, current is zero. If charge Q moves through a metal in time t , then current I through metal is: I=Q/t; moreever, electric current can also be produced by rate of change of magnetic field through a metal...,

What is eletric current?

Current is basically, the rate of flow of charges through a conductor or wire. It is commonly denoted by the alphabet I and measured in Amperes. I = ne/t n = no of electrons e = charge on an electron t = time taken for electron to move