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Q: Names of prominent Ghanaians scientist
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How many ghanaians live in UK?

94,000 Ghanaians live in the UK

Names of Greek weather scientists?

One of the prominent name of Greek weather scientist is Theophrastus. Theophrastus compiled a book on weather forecasting, called the Book of Signs.

Do Ghanaians hate the truth true or false?

Please clarify which Ghanaians you mean.

What is gh tunes?

gh tunes is Ghanaians tunes gh tunes is Ghanaians tunes

Robert Boyle was the first prominent scientist to perform what?

controlled experiments

Who is a French scientists?

Louis Pasteur was a prominent French scientist.

When was the scientist Robert Corell born?

The scientist Robert Corell was born on November 4th in the year 1934. He is a prominent scientist that works in the field of the global climate and environment.

Do Ghanaians eat chocolate?


What are people from Ghana known as?


The names of prominent delegates who voted to ratify the Constitution and their?

The answer is to have sex+

Scientist's Names and their inventions?

who are the 5 most earliest scientist in the world? and what are their inventions?

What are the names of some prominent counterintelligence agencies?

The names of some prominent counterintelligence agencies are FBI which means Federal Bureau investigation. Which is a goverment agency that is secret from the public for some stuff.