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If this jet keeps a constant speed of 60 kilometers every 5 minutes throughout the entire 6 hours of it's flight, it will travel 4,320 kilometers.

Distance = Speed * Time

Speed = 60 km / 5 min

( 60 km/ 5 min ) * ( 60 min / 1 hour ) = 720 km / hour

Distance = ( 720 km / hour ) * ( 6 hours )

Distance = 4320 km

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If a jet travels 60 Kilometers in 5 Minutes Then it can be travel 7200 KiLoMeTERS IN Two HourS

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60 km in 5 minutes is 447.4 mph or 720 km/h

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Q: Suppose a jet travels 60 kilometers in 5 minutes .How many kilometers will it travel in 2 hours?
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Suppose a jet travels 60 kilometers in 5 minutes. How many kilometers will it travel in 6 hours?

It is 409764

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The speed is the distance traveled divided by the time it takes to travel that distance. In this case we with divide 8 kilometers by 10 minutes to get 0.8 km/minute. One hour is sixty minutes, so this works out to 48 km/hour.

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