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The attraction forces between gas molecules are very small,but it could be increased by applying high preesure and low temperature. Thus it could be concluded that attraction between gas molecules leads to its liquifaction.

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Q: The attraction forces between gas molecules lead to?
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Why does a lump of lead have a greater mass than a lump of wood?

The molecules of lead are more massive and are more densely packed together than those of wood.

Why is a sea breeze thunderstorm considered a type of air mass thunderstorm?

A sea breeze may lead to a thunderstorm if the cool sea breeze forces warm air to rise which creates a convection cell that creates strong updrafts that lead to a thunderstorm. This is how a sea breeze may lead to the formation of a thunderstorm.

Difference between specific and general environment?

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Why does metal expands more than any other metal?

Recall that all materials are made up of atoms. At any temperature abovat very he absolute zero (-273degrees meat) the atoms will be moving. In a solid they will be vibrating in fixed positions, in a liquid thy will be jostling past each other and in a gas they will be whizzing past each other igh speeds. When a material is heated, the kinetic energy of that material increand molecules move about more. This means thateach atom will take up more space due to it's movement so the material will expand. When it is cold the kinetic energy decreases, so the atoms take up less space and the material contracts.Some metals expand more than others due to differences in the forces between the atoms / molecules. In metals such as iron the forces between the atoms are stronger so it is more difficult for the atoms to move around . In brass the forces are a little weaker so the atoms are free to move about more. These differences in contraction are used in a bimetallic strip, which is composed of a strip of brass laid along side strip of Iron. When the strip is heated the brass expands more than the iron so the strip beds. It is used in devics such as fire alarms and circuit breakers to either make or break contacts in an electric circuit.The differences in expansion and contraction are even more visible in different states, again due to the amount of force holding the atoms together. A gas will expand the most as its atoms are free from each other so are free to increase in speed the most.Answered by: Sara Al-Assam, Student, Tiffin Girls' School, Kingston

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How does the existence of polarity within a molecule lead to its ability to dissolve?

Water has a polar molecule; attraction between electrically charged parts of molecules is the cause of solubility.

What is the gravitational attraction between planets and sun?

with this form and the rotation of mercury this can lead to travel

Which is greater the attraction of the earth for a kilogram of lead or the attraction of a kilogram of lead for the earth?

They are exactly equal . . . an important concept in understanding gravity.

Why does ice become liquid more easily then lead?

The bonds between water molecules in ice are weaker than the bonds in lead.

What is the ionic compound name for PbO?

PbO is lead(II) oxide. It is an ionic compound with a giant ionic structure. The doubly charged lead and oxide ions occupy alternate positions in a crystal lattice, and there are strong electrostatic forces of attraction between these oppositely charged ions.

Can being attracted to someone lead to sexual attraction?

It can.

Why ethyl have a low boiling point?

An ether has a lower boiling point than an alcohol of the same mass because of the stronger forces between the molecules in an alcohol.At its boiling point, the forces of attraction between the molecules in a substance are no longer strong enough to hold the molecules together, because the molecules are moving with more and more energy. The stronger the intermolecular forces, the higher the boiling point.All molecules will have some form of attractive 'Van der Waals' forces between them and if that were the only intermolecular force, then there would be very little difference between the alcohol and its corresponding ether.In the case of the alcohol and the ether, both molecules also have polar bonds (the C-O bonds, for example), that lead to an electrostatic attraction between their molecules. This strengthens the intermolecular forces and causes an increase in the boiling point of both (compared to, for example, a pure hydrocarbon of the same mass).The big difference is the presence of hydrogen bonds in the alcohol. Where a molecule has N-H, O-H or F-H bonds, hydrogen bonds may occur. These are far stronger (around 50kJ/mol) than other intermolecular forces (typically 1-5kJ/mol) and increase the boiling point. Hydrogen bonds are more than just a strong electrostatic attraction, they are a better described as a weak form of covalent bond (technically, they are three-centre, four electron bonds), and cause, for example, alcohols to have much higher boiling point than ethers of the same formula.

Why does bromine have higher ionization energy then lead?

Bromine has less valence shells than lead making the distance between its valence electron and its nucleus less than that of lead. This means that there is greater attraction between the nucleus and electron for bromine and it requires a higher ionisation energy to remove its electron.

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What is difference between flocculation and precipitation?

PrecipitaionLets take protein in water as a solution as an example. Protein consists of hydrophobic amino acids and hydrophilic amino acids. Hydrophobic amino acids are usually seen in the protein core and hydrophilic aminoacids forms hydrogen bond with water molecules. When an organic solvent, or salt is added to the solution water molecules which are in hydrogen bond with the hydrophilic amino acids break the bond and binds with the salt or solvent. Thus protein protein interaction becomes stronger than protein -water interaction. So due to partial dipole interaction and electrostatic force of attraction protein molecules aggregate and precipitate.FlocculationConsider a solution of proteins. If the solution is agitated continuously the protein molecules come together. If the agitation is that stronger effect to overcome the electrostatic force of repulsion between the protein molecules, they will cling together and forms floc. Another method is adding chemicals called flocculants. By adding floculants the electrostatic repulsion between the protein molecules can be reduced and this will lead to attraction of protein molecules and formation of floc.

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