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you cant use wiki answers for your homework kid!! Its wrong and i hope u get the answer wrong!

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Q: The blank of an element is a measure of the mass of its atoms?
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How many atoms are there in an element?

This depends on the mass of this element.

If the atomic mass of an element is x what is the mass in grams of 6.021023 atoms of the element?


Which element makes up the largest percentage of all elements on earth?

water LOL. Water is NOT an "element". This is also an ambiguous question because it all depends on how you measure elements. For instance, you can measure an elements' "abundance" by mass or you can measure it by number of atoms. For instance, in water the most abundant element by mass is oxygen (85% of the mass of water), but by mole (# of atoms), it is hydrogen because water is H2O and therefore there are twice as many H atoms and O atoms in any amount of water. If you are referring to the earth's crust, then oxygen is the predominant element by mass, taking up 45% of the mass of the earth. By mole, hydrogen is the most abundant. If you include the atmosphere, then nitrogen predominates by mole, but oxygen continues to predominate by mass. This is not a simple question ;) but it DEFINITELY is NOT Water :-)

What is equal to the mass of the atom?

the atoms of different elements weigh depends as to which element you are referring to.for example an element with the atomic mass 4 can be matched by 2 atoms of a lighter element with the atomic mass 2

What does an element's atomic mass tell about the atoms that make up that element?

Atomic Mass is the no. of protons+no. of nuetron

Blank is the measure of the amount of matter in an object?

Are you looking for mass??

Are all sample of elements are composed of atoms with same atomic mass?

All atoms in a pure sample of one element have the same mass. The atoms in a different element have a different mass. Different atoms is what makes different elements.

What element has atoms which have a mass of 12 amu?


Can the mass of an atoms of a particular element vary?

No it cannot.

What does an element's atomic mass tell us about the atoms that make up that element?

atomic mass is the no. of protons+no. of nuetron

How many atoms are in an element whose mass is equal to the atomic mass?


How is it possible for two different atoms to have the same atomic mass?

They would have to be atoms of the same element, and the same isotope of that element.