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gram and centimeter

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Q: The body mass of a flea is about 0.5 what and it can jump about 20 what high?
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What is the body mass of a flea?


The body mass of a flea is 0.5 what?


The body mass of a flea?

it is about 0.5 milligrams

Body mass of a flea?

About 0.5 milligrams (mg).

How high can an average frog jump?

An average frog can jump about 3 feet high, depending on the size of their legs and their muscle mass.

How high can you jump if you are 5'4?

The height you can achieve in a high jump depends on things like skill, muscular strength and body shape, not just height. A skillful jumper, for instance, bends his or her body backwards when going over the bar so their center of mass goes under the bar.

What kind of units would you use to measure the mass of a flea?

The mass of a flea is between 0.087 g and 0.109 g. The unit would be grams.

What is the mass of a flea?

I have found out that the mass of a flea is around about 4000-5000 mP, which means it comes to between 0.08704g and 0.1088g. This is thanks to the wikipieda page about Planck mass, which can be found within the related links.

Body mass index pros and cons?

BMI results are distorted in people with high muscle mass and it does not represent body composition

Does body mass matter when you want to try out for the swim team?

The higher your body mass, the more weight you are trying to move through the water. But, if you are really tall your body mass may not be as high as you think.

Does weight affect how far you jump?

For the same leg strength / jumping technique, weight affects how far one can jump. Acceleration = Force / Mass With more mass, you cannot accelerate yourself as much when you jump with the same force. Imagine trying to jump with a small backpack full of sand strapped to your back. Your strength hasn't changed. That is, the amount of force you can deliver hasn't changed, but your mass has. You can't jump as high.

How high you can jump on earth?

It depends on the mass and strength of an individual. An adult human of average height, weight and strength can jump over a foot vertically into the air on Earth.

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