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The four known basic forces in the universe are the gravitational force, the electromagnetic force, the strong force, and the weak force.

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Q: The force of gravity the electromagntic force the strong nuclear force and the weak nuclear force are?
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4 types of forces?

Gravity, electromagnetic, strong nuclear, weak nuclear.

4 elements of nature from strongest to weakest?

Gravity, Weak, Electromagnetic, and Strong.

What are the forces of a atom?

Gravity, Electromagnectic Force, Strong Nuclear Force and Weak Nuclear Force.

What force exist in nature?

-- gravity -- electrostatic force -- weak nuclear force -- strong nuclear force

What are 3 forces?

Weak nuclear force Strong nuclear force Electromagnetism Gravity

What are the 4 forces?

Strong nuclear force, weak nuclear force, electromagnetic and gravity.

What are 3 different forces?

Weak nuclear force Strong nuclear force Electromagnetism Gravity

What are the four fundamental forces in physics?

The strong nuclear force, the weak nuclear force, electromagnetism, and gravity.

What are five examples of noncontact forces?

Gravity,Magnetism,Strong nuclear force,Weak nuclear force

What are the force of natures?

The four fundamental forces of nature are gravity, the electromagnetic force, the strong force (strong nuclear force or strong interaction), and the weak force(weak nuclear force or weak interaction).

What are some unbalanced forces?

Strong nuclear force and gravity.

Is gravity the greatest force on earth?

No. The electric force, the strong nuclear force, and the electroweak force are all stronger than gravity.