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Q: The type of light energy that is stored by certain particles for a period of time is called?
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What type of light energy that is stored by certain particles for a period of time is called what?


Do Photons with the highest energy have the longest period?

If you mean "period" as it's always used in connection with waves, then the answer is "No. Just the opposite." Photons with higher energy have shorter wavelength, higher frequency, and shorter period. To some readers, your use of the term "period" means the so-called 'half-life' of the photon, i.e. the length of time after which half the photons in a large group will spontaneously decay, either into other particles, or by losing half of their energy. That period of time is more than 6 billion years, and it does have some connection with the original energy of the photon. But again, photons with higher energy are more likely to decay and spontaneously form other particles, so in that sense, their 'period' is shorter, not longer.

Is rubbing your hands together for a certain period of time considered heat energy?

Yes it is considered heat energy

What is the word for What is it called the sole right to sell an invention for a certain period of time?


Will sex weaken people?

no. Having an orgasm uses most of an individuals energy, so they may be tired for a certain period of time.

When two objects become the same temperature over a period of time it is called?

energy balancing

Men whose passage to the colonies was paid for in exchange for a certain period of work were called?

Indentured Servants.

A time during which exposure to certain stimuli or experiences produces optimal results is called a?

critical period

What are the rows called in the periodic table?

Rows in the Periodic Table are called Periods.There are 7 periods in total.All the elements in period have same number of energy levels.

A horizontal row of elements is called a?

On the Periodic table, horizontal rows are given the technical term "periods", while vertical columns are called "groups". Elements in the same period are similar in that they have the same number of energy levels.

How do energy travel in the form of wave?

In water or other liquids the wave travels across the surface as a difference in height and with a certain period or wavelength.

What is row on the periodic table called what do they have in common?

The row is called the period. Each element in the same period has the outermost electrons in the same shell (energy level). For example, the elements in the 3rd period all have the outermost electrons in the 3rd shell.