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Mass doesn't effect how fast something falls, it is their size. This is related to air resistance. The larger the bodies, the slower they fall. ( This is what i remember from my science lesson)

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Q: Two bodies of different masses are allowed to fall freely how do their acceleration vary?
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What is the effect of distance of freely falling bodies from the centre of the earth on gravitational acceleration?

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What is the answer to this Freely falling bodies undergo what acceleration?

The acceleration depends on the force of gravity. Near Earth's surface, this acceleration is approximately 9.8 meters per second square.

What is the effect of the mass of freely falling body on gravitational acceleration?

No effect whatsoever. Any two freely falling bodies fall with the same acceleration when dropped in the same place on the same planet. That includes any two objects falling on Earth. Someone is sure to jump in here and point out that objects with different mass don't fall with equal accelerations on Earth, and that's because of air resistance. They may even go on to provide answers to other questions that were not asked, such as a treatise on terminal velocity. All of that is true, even if confusing. This question stipulated that the bodies in question are "freely fallling". Bodies that are falling through air are not freely falling.

What is freely body?

A freely body is the body which is freely falling under the force of gravity i.e. an acceleration of 9.8 m/s2

What is the direction of the acceleration of a freely falling body?

9.8 m/s2

Where does the law of gravity operate?

Freely falling bodies

What is the definition of free fall?

when the acceleration of the freely falling object is equal to the acceleration due to gravity then there occurs free fall.

What is constant for freely falling body?

Acceleration. A free-falling object falls at constant force, and thereby at constant acceleration.

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What are the factors affecting freely falling bodies?

force and gravity

What is the effect of distance of freely falling body from the centre of earth on gravitational acceleration?

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