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A generic antique reproduction sundial bought without consideration for it's exact positioning, like those often sold in garden centers, is worthless as a time keeper. For a sundial made for its exact lat & Long the answer is about two minutes. If you want one made see: Or if you want to make your own see: I made my own and it's easier than it sounds. However a larger one used with correction charts could be accurate to the second. See: In fact up until the turn of the 19th cent. the French railways still used what they called heliochronometers rather than clocks.

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Q: What's the most accurate sundial
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Where are the sundial most accurate?

In the sunlight.

Why is your sundial inaccurate in the morning and very accurate in the afternoon?

If the sundial is correctly aligned (at Polaris) with a nomon angled to the same amount as your latitude. Then the time it shows will be accurate (showing solar time - GMT adjusted for your longitude). Assuming it is a proper sundial and not a garden ornament.

What is a sundial used for?

A sundial is a way to tell time without a clock. It uses the sun and positions of shadows to tell the time. These are fairly accurate.

What two practical disadvantages of sundials compared with clocks?

A sundial doesn't work at night A sundial doesn't work when the sun is hidden - by clouds, buildings, etc. A sundial only works at the latitude it is designed for - a sundial built for Ecuador woudl not be accurate in New Zealand.

How do you calibrate a sundial?

The gnomon of a sundial is cut to a certain size depending on the latitude of the sundial's location. If the gnomon is not of the correct size, it can be compensated for by raising or lowering the lower edge of the sundial until all times are accurate. Calibration is fairly simple. Using a precise time measurement, when it is noon, go outside and position the sundial so the shadow of the gnomon is on noon on the sundial. Check it again at 1 pm, and adjust as needed.

What is the purpose of the sundials device?

The sundial device was and is a very accurate tool of measuring units of time. The sundial devices uses the sun to pinpoint exactly what time it is because of where the shadow falls.

Could you use a sundial to measure the time it takes to boil an egg?

Yes, but it would be difficult, as the markings on a sundial must firstly be measured very accurately (the markings are not evenly spaced) and tend not to show particularly low figures. However, theoretically, it would be possible - just find an accurate enough sundial.

What is a sentence with the word sundial in it?

I have a sundial in the garden.The sundial were the earliest form of clocks.

What is the most complicated sundial?

Multi blade on many sides with months, days, hours and sloping speared globe above many sided sundial

Why is the sundial most useful in the summer?

because there is more sun light

What came first the wheelbarrow or the sundial?


What did George Washington use to tell the time?

He used a portable sundial.