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An electronic survey is a survey that is done on the computer. This is sort of the new age way, and is compared to the old way of hand writing a survey.

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Q: What are electronic surveys?
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What is three types of surveys?

Questionnaires Interviews Electronic

What are the three examples of electronic monitoring?

credit cards, online surveys, ankle bracelets

What are some of the benefits of 360 Surveys?

360 Surveys provide dedicated survey support to the construction industry by accurately carrying out electronic distance measuring. They can do both above ground and confined underground spaces.

What has the author Scott Childs written?

Scott Childs has written: 'Survey on electronic reference' -- subject(s): Electronic reference services (Libraries), Law libraries, Library surveys, Reference services 'North Carolina legal research guide'

Can you fill out my surveys?

No, unfortunately we can't fill out your surveys for you. Most surveys are very simple to fill out.

What are the types of Survey Methods in psychology?

In general there are three types of surveys,which are as follows: 1)Mail Surveys 2)Personal Surveys 3)Telephone Surveys

When was Statistics Surveys created?

Statistics Surveys was created in 2007.

When was Probability Surveys created?

Probability Surveys was created in 2004.

What has the author Mick Couper written?

Mick Couper has written: 'Designing effective Web surveys' -- subject- s -: Methodology, Social surveys, Surveys, Technological innovations, Internet surveys

What is surveys?

Surveys are a set of questions meant for random people or certainpopulations to answer. These surveys help to improve the service oreducate the person asking the question.

What kind of services does Survey Monkey offer?

Survey Monkey is a company that helps other companies perform research through surveys. They offer help designing surveys and even offer help finding the correct target audience to take the surveys. The type of surveys they offer help with include everything from telephone surveys to Facebook surveys.

What has the author Mohamed Ayad written?

Mohamed Ayad has written: 'Sources of contraceptive methods' 'Demographic and socioeconomic characteristics of households' -- subject(s): Statistics, Demographic surveys, Public health, Household surveys, Households, Economic surveys, Health surveys, Social surveys, Population

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