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An expert witness

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Q: What are forensic scientists called whose opinions are influenced by what side is paying them for their service?
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When was Forensic Science Service created?

Forensic Science Service was created in 1991.

What are the majors of law enforcement?

There are many different careers that fall under the law enforcement umbrella. Some examples of these careers include patrol troopers, forensic scientists, and secret service agents.

What are the release dates for Forensic Files - 2000 Church Dis-Service?

Forensic Files - 2000 Church Dis-Service was released on: USA: 3 April 2009

How can you be a forensic police?

Contact your local police station. A forensic officer may be willing to discuss their work with you. Ask for the borough forensic manager. Alternatively look up the Forensic Science Service on the internet.

The values of Britain's Forensic Science Service FSS are?


Where can one find a forensic investigator?

A person could find a forensic investigator through their local police department. It would also be possible to find a forensic investigator through a private detective service.

What actors and actresses appeared in Scientists in the Civil Service - 1978?

The cast of Scientists in the Civil Service - 1978 includes: Denis Postle as Himself - Commentator

Where is the forensic animation based?

Forensic animation can be based in various locations depending on the company or organization providing the service. Many forensic animation studios are located in major cities with a strong presence in the field of forensic science, such as New York, Los Angeles, or London. Additionally, some forensic animation experts work independently and provide their services remotely from different locations.

Where can one find information on how to become a forensic expert?

One can find information about becoming a forensic expert by visiting the National Careers Service website. Information about this profession is in the 'Careers advice' section.

What has the author Sydney Alfred Smith written?

Sydney Alfred Smith has written: 'Forensic medicine' -- subject(s): Forensic Medicine, Medical jurisprudence

What are opinions of Woodfield Nissan of Illinois?

Our salesperson provided us with excellent service and was very knowledgeable.

How many people work for the forensic Science Service?

Well currently there are 6,000 in this career. This career is growing rapidly so there is no specific answer.