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A modern material is a material is a material made on the last 50 years.

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Q: What are modern materials?
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Materials scientists are considered to be modern?

I happen to be a materials scientist, and I think that by answering this question I'm contemporaneous, if not modern.

What are modern homes made of?

Modern homes are made of composite materials.

What are the modern and tradional instructional materials?


Are modern style coffee tables available in a variety of materials?

Modern style coffee tables are available in a variety of materials. These materials mostly include wood, glass, plastic, metal, and fabric.

What kind of materials are used to make modern mugs?

Most modern mugs are made of ceramic materials. These materials are generally very cheap, and relatively sturdy. In addition to ceramics, steel or other metals can be used.

What materials do modern day soldiers carry?

modern day soldiers wore thin matierials

The significance of traditional building materials in modern days architecture?


What materials were modern Greece homes made from?

Rocks, Sticks and Mus

What is the Difference between contemperary furniture and modern furniture?

I think that there is a fine line between the two.Contemporary furniture is styled in a modern way with current trends. It features clean sleek shapes and strong lines and neutral colors using traditional materials. Modern furniture is also very simple but where i think they differ is the use of materials. Modern furniture departs from traditional materials and employs more experimental materials, such as molded plywood and of course plastics.

What are the most common materials used in modern bridge construction?

Steel and concrete

What is modern materials?

A modern material is not smart as it dose not react to its surroundings but it is a new material that has been created with in the last 50 years.

What is the benefit of man made materials?

some advantages of man made materials is that they help us in our modern lifes but they can cause harm to the environment.

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