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obey or die

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We will lose our biggest supply of oxygen and every species of animals that live there. If we cut it down then some species will be extinct.

Tropical rain forests consume, through decaying plants, dead animals etc as much oxygen as they produce.

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1. Less Oxygen conversion, contributing to global warming.

2. Less forest land for specific animals to live.

3. Less tree cover which particular animals and species need to survive

4. Less wind break.

5. Greater erosion of top soil.

6. Trees require a long time to grow back.

7. Extinction of species (animal and plant) due to habitat loss.

8. Industrial pollution in the cutting and shipping of the trees.

9. Reduction of tree based products, eg rubber or fruits.

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  1. Landowners must depend on stored seeds, and those dispersed into the site from adjacent sources.
  2. Any shortage of seed on site limits regeneration to light-seeded species, barring an unusual dispersal mechanism.
  3. The abundance and uniformity of any particular species, and the spacing and species composition of a new stand depend on an uncontrollable seed supply.
  4. Dependence on seed trees in adjacent stands and seeds already stored on site reduces the chance to control the seed source for genetic improvement of the new community.
  5. Cutting during poor seed years may lead to regeneration failure or irregular stocking, and particularly with species that have a distinct periodicity for seed production.
  6. The open environment may inhibit some species, and will favor many herbaceous plants that impede the regeneration of desirable trees.
  7. Dense competing vegetation or harsh soil conditions may require costly site preparation.
  8. Soils with a shallow depth to the water table may become saturated or waterlogged due to reduced transpiration, inhibiting seed germination and reducing seedling survival.
  9. Reduced transpiration increases percolation and subsurface flow, and accelerates nutrient leaching until a new vegetation cover develops It also increases the chances of mass soil movement on steep slopes.
  10. In flattened or concave topography, the lack of overstory protection may increase the chance of freezing temperatures early in a growing season killing or damaging all but frost-resistant species.
  11. On dry sites, the unshaded surface may become unsuitable for many species.
  12. Disturbance of the surface litter during logging displaces stored seeds and increases chances for surface erosion on hillsides, at least until new plants colonize the site.
  13. Overstory removal precludes a second chance for regeneration if unusual conditions cause failures immediately after clearcutting.
  14. Prolonged litter decomposition in areas that do not regenerate promptly may change moisture balance and nutritional status of the soil.
  15. Removing all the mature trees, leaving abundant logging slash and fresh stumps, and exposing soil across the area degrades the visual quality for many forest users.
  16. Abundant dry logging slash increases the fire danger during dry periods, and provides ideal habitat for some harmful insects and small mammals.
  17. Resulting even-aged communities have less resistance than uneven-aged stands to snow and wind damage.
  18. Removing all the large trees eliminates essential habitat for some wildlife.
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When you cut down to many trees people don't have as much oxygen to live!

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That equals no trees being left.

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few lines about forests?

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(apex) b. Reduced wildlife habitat

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Q: What are some disadvantages of clearcutting?
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