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Manufactured. Natural

Fishing net. Spider web

Army helmet. Turtle shell

Log shelter. Beaver dam

Scuba fins. Frog feet

Umbrella. Mushroom

Submarine. Fish body

Boat rudder. Seal tail

Helicopter blades. Spinning tree seeds

Velcro fasteners. Cockle burrs

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- trees

- skeleton

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Q: What are some examples of Natural Structures?
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What are some examples of prefabricated structures?

Prefabricated structures are structures that are pre-made in a factory and there is no assembly required. Some examples would be a car or scooter.

What are some examples of solid structures?

mount Logan in the Yukon is a natural solid structure! Good luck on ur test... I hope ur not just trying to figure this out 4 fun! :)

What are some examples of geological structures?

ans:- natural bridge....and hoodoo......etc.

What are examples of natural structures?

human skeleton oven egg shell glasses case coconut shell pencil case house nut shell car shell tent for camping piggy bank easter egg wardrobe water bottle

What are some examples of natural barriers?

Oceans are some of the natural barriers in the planet.

What are some examples of natural dyes?


What are some non examples of a landform?

non examples are anything made by a human on land that is not natural

What are engineered structures?

engineered structures are the structures which can withstand natural disasters such as earthquakes etc.

What are fossil fuels examples of?

Some examples are gasoline, iron ore, coal, natural gas, oil, and natural gas.

What are some examples of family structure?

Some examples of family structures are: - Fostered family - Single parent family - Nuclear family - Extended family

What are some examples of frame structures?

There are many types of frame structures, such as the Eiffel tower, the frame structures help keep all the pillars so it doesn't all fall apart and destroy everything, a house, and a playground, every structure has frame structures, this is what is called a combination structure. Hope this helps. :)

What are some examples of natural science?

weather etc