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Whether the document has been amended

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Q: What are some important factors when deciding whether to cancel your authorization?
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Which address does an NIC use when deciding whether to accept a frame?

Destination MAC address

Why does everything else except variable needto be keep constant during the experiment?

In order to isolate and identify the effect of the variable being tested, it is important to keep all other factors constant. This allows for a more accurate and reliable assessment of the relationship between the variable and the outcome. If other factors were to vary, it would be difficult to determine whether any observed changes were due to the variable being tested or to external factors.

When scientists collect data what are often trying to find out?

Scientists are often trying to find out whether certain factors changed or remained the same.

Why is it important to know the temperature of a person or a room?

It is important to know these temperatures for many reasons. It depends what you are measuring as to whether these temperatures are important, for example enzymes which help digest food in the stomach work best at 37 degrees centigrade and this is why your body's core temperature is always at 37.

Why is phenotype more important than genotype?

Phenotype is the displayed characteristics of the organism, as opposed to the genotype, which is the gene sequence of the organism. Phenotype is important because it includes everything that the organism can do. Whether a plant is pink or red, an example of phenotype, can influence whether or not a bee will be attracted and pollenate it. The presence of cystic fibrosis, a debilitating disorder in humans, is caused by genotype but expressed through phenotype, and can be the difference between death at twenty or a long life to eighty.

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what factors is relevant in deciding whether the defendant's confession was voluntary?

A. The defendant's intelligence

What are the factors in deciding whom a minor child gets to live with?

The most important factor in deciding whom a minor child lives with is to figure out what is in the best interest of the child. This involves checking whether the child will be supervised, well-fed, and well taken care of.

Why is it important to research a school's curriculum before deciding whether to go there?

to see if it offers programs that fit your career goals

Why do many factors relating to qualifying for a home loan apply when deciding whether or not to rent?

It is a hint for people looking to rent that buying is always the better option.

What factors must the criminal investigator consider in deciding whether or not to make an arrest and when to make it?

Only this: Is there PROBABLE CAUSE to believe that the person to be arrested committed the offense.

Are telecommunications jobs steady?

Generally speaking they are. However, the local job market and general strength of the company are the deciding factors as to whether or not the job listed is steady.

Deciding whether to do or use one additional unit of some resource?

Deciding whether to do or use one additional unit of some resource

What does the owner consider when deciding whether to establish an account with a sales representative?

What does the owner consider when deciding whether to establish an account with the sales representative.

What do you think is the most important power granted to the president-?

I believe that the most important power granted to the president is the power of deciding on whether or not to keep the war overseas going. I think that the country doesn't understand that in order to stop the war, it has to go beyond the president.

What factors should be considered in deciding the station of chain survey?

What are the factors you should considered in deciding the station of a chain survey

What was roe v wade about?

woman's right to privacy when deciding whether to end a pregnancy

What should one look at when deciding to buy a Brother printer?

When deciding on whether to buy a Brother Printer, you should consider things such as the Ink Efficiency (which is more important than the original price), Printing Speed in PPM (Pages per Minute), what functions it has, and whether it will work with your computer.