What are the 2 inequalities?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A is greater than B (A>B). C is less than D (C<D). But what about "less than or equal"?

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Q: What are the 2 inequalities?
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What consists of 2 or more linear inequalities in the same variable?

A system of linear inequalities

Graph the system of inequalities y-2 and x3?

Graph the following Inequalities: x &gt; 3

Definition of system of inequalities?

System of inequalities can be defined in mathematics as a relationship that compares 2 different values.

How can 2 inequalities be equivalent?

Two inequalities are equivalent if their solution sets are the same. For example, the inequalities 2x &gt; 6 and 3x &gt; 9 are both equivalent to x &gt; 3.

What and are two inequalities of -2 and 3?

-2 &lt; 3 3 &gt; -2

What are 2 examples of inequalities?

x&gt;6 or 5&lt;9

What are compound inequalities?


What are the two rules for inequalities which do not occur in equations?

Inequalities are not reflexive. Inequalities are not commutative.

What are 2 inequalities to compare -2 and -18?

-2 &gt; -18 -18 &lt; -2

What is the definition of equivalent inequalities?

The definition of equivalent inequalities: inequalities that have the same set of solutions

Compare and contrast equations and inequalities?

Inequalities and equations are both the same because they are both mathematical expression and they both use the same steps EXCEPT for the end. Inequalities and equations are both different because equations have an equal sign, the answer is not an interval, and the answer is a specific answer. Not a range. While inequalities don't have an equal sign, its answer is an interval, and it's answer is in a range.

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