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Current Scenario says that there is 1 crore fake ration cards in Tamil Nadu..Lack of transparency in this system.. Bio Metric cards can avoid duplication .........

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Q: What are the disadvantage ration cards?
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Disadvantages of ratio analysis?

One disadvantage of ration analysis is the analysis is limited to numbers. Another disadvantage to ration analysis is the fact that the numbers can be manipulated.

What is importance of ration cards?

Ration cards are used in Southeast Asia for providing underprivileged individuals with food coupons. The importance of Ration Cards has declined due to invention of better ways of distribution.

What colour of ration cards?


Why ration cards are necessary?

During World War 2 ration cards were used due to the shortage of food. Food was therefore rationed and could not be obtained without the ration card thus ensuring everyone had their correct allowance (Ration).

What is the colour of antyodaya ration cards?


What are the advantage and disadvantage of ration card?

advantage of ration shop:it helps the people below poverty 2 buy foodgrains at cheap rate.disadvantage of ration shop:sometimes people don't when ration shop is open

Why do evacuee have sugar in there suitcase?

The evacuees brought their own sugar purchased with their ration cards. They were not going to leave it behind since it was a precious commodity. They had to bring their ration cards too. Unfortunately some unscrupulous people stole food and ration cards from the evacuees.

Is a 1932 ration card an antique?

No, to be an antique, an item must be 100years +. your ration cards are simply 'collectibles.

What is the color of BPL ration cards?

Yellow colour

In Anne Frank what do annexers use ration cards for?

to get food

Who got ration cards in World War 2?

Everyone in the UK

Who helped Corrie find the ration cards she needed?

one of her friends in the underground