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Q: What are the first leaves that come out of the ground on a soybean plant?
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How do you start a pineapple plant?

plant one, with the leaves out of the ground

Are cotyledons a plant's first leaves?

yes they are a plant first leaves

What part of the plant supplies the materials carried by the xylem?

The xylem carries patron from the ground to the leaves so that the plant can get drunk The xylem carries patron from the ground to the leaves so that the plant can get drunk

Where is Asia's largest soybean plant?

ujjain soya plant

What is the most powerful plant in plant vs zombies?

Doom shroom. cuase it leaves a crater in the ground.

Does a plant release oxygen into the ground through its roots?

False - through the leaves, into air.

Why do dandelions spread their leaves flat against the ground?

Dandelion leaves will respond to the surrounding vegetation. If the plant is on a lawn it will grow close to the ground, if it is in longer grass it will reach for the sun.

What part of the plant is asparagas?

The parts of the asparagus plant that you eat are the young shoots (stems and vestigial leaves) that first poke out of the ground in spring. These are cut off close to the root with a sharp curved knife.

Is soybean c4 plant?

No, it performs C3 photosynthesis

Which genus does soybean belong in?

They belong to the plant kingdom.

Can you sub ground coriander for fresh coriander leaves?

No you can't. Fresh coriander is when you use the leaves and ground coriander uses the seed of the plant. Their flavour is quite different from each other.

Which part of the young plant comes out first?