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A neuron is a nerve cell, so it has all the parts of an animal cell, plus some specialized parts: axon, dendrites, and perhaps a myelin sheath for insulation.

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Q: What are the parts of nerve or neurons?
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Physiological characteristics highly developed in neurons?

receive stimuli (irritability), and conduct waves of excitation, or impulses, to all parts of the body (conductivity)

What are the names of the nerve cell?

The names of the nerve cell? I'm not sure I understand the question in it's entirety It's pretty basic nothing overly complex. Well the nueron is comprised of the cell body or the soma, which has branch-like appendages which are called dendrites meaning treelike. The axon which has a covering called the myelin sheath that helps sends messages faster. We have motor nuerons, sensory nuerons and internuerons. Bipolar neurons, psuedounipolar, and multipolar nuerons. As for naming them, they are named for the region they are found/located around. olfactory nuerons, hypoglossal, vagus, accessory, glossopharyngeal etc. . .

How does your body create electricity?

The electrical potential difference between the interior of a cell and the external interstitial space is generated by the actions of the electrogenic Na-K Atpase. What does this mean in plain language? That in the cell membrane there are ion pumps that move sodium up it's concentration gradient using the energy in ATP to accomplish this.

What happens to the medulla oblongata during sleep?

During sleep, the medulla oblongata controls sleep and arousal monitoring sensors to the cortex and other parts of the body. There are cholinergic neurons in the medulla oblongata that remain active during REM sleep. When a person experiences sleep walking, these neurons become inactive which causes a person to sleep while in action.

What is the thick column of nerve tissue that links the brain to most of the nerves called?

The Spinal Cord is the thick column of nerve tissue that links the brain to most of the nerves.