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Natural selection would be the sick or weak of the herd being picked off by predators, which would leave the most fit specimens to breed.

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Q: What best explains a natural selection in a antelope population?
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What concept of evolution explains why organisms are constructed to meet the demands of their environment?

Natural selection explains adaptive change in the immediate environment.

When lions prey on a herd of antelope some antelope are killed and some escape which part of Darwins concept of natural selection might be used to describe this situation?

Survival of the fittest would be used to describe this situation.

Does natural selection work on preexisting variation in a population?

Natural selection does work on preexisting variations in a population. This is how the population was shaped to be the way that they currently are or were.

Natural selection requires that individuals in a population are?

Natural selection requires that individuals in a population are

Is it possible for a population to undergo natural selection?

No, there is no genetic variation upon which natural selection can operate.

Why would natural selection not occur in this poplutation?

What population? Perhaps you mean if there were no variation for natural selection to select from.

Is Natural selection a source of genetic variation in a population?

No, natural selection works on that genetic variation presented to it.

Which is more likely to be true natural selection or evolution?

Evolution, of course. Evolution can happen without natural selection in some cases; drift, flow. Generally though, natural selection causes evolution and then, by definition, would come first.

Is evolution a natural selection?

Natural selection explains the process of evolution: evolution by natural selection. It basically means that species with the highest fitness (survival rate) will live, and be selected by nature for the characteristics they possess that make them more apt to survive. Because of natural selection, evolution occurs.

Which type of natural selection favors average individual in a population?

It is stabilizing selection

Darwin's theory of natural selection is often misinterpreted It is based on the need for survival in response to one's surroundings Which sentence best explains natural selection?

The answer lies within

Which type of natural selection in which the mean characteristics of a population are preserved?

This type of natural selection is called stabilizing selection because the mean traits of the population are being selected for against the immediate environment.