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he discovered universal gravitation and the three laws of motion. he also built the first practical refracting telescope. he discovered how gravity caused the planets to move the way they do.cj

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that comets circle the sun

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Die of thirst

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Q: What did Sir Isaac Newton discover about comets?
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When did sir Isaac Newton discover atoms?

No he DIDN'T

Did Sir Isaac Newton discover the telescope?


What falling fruit inspired sir isaac newton to discover the law of gravity'?

The falling apple inspired Sir Isaac newton.

What did Sir Isaac Newton discover while working with prisms?

isaac newton discovered gravity and the telescope

Who was the first scientist to discover gravity?

Sir Isaac Newton.

Did Marie Curie discover gravity?

No, Sir Isaac Newton did.

What developed the Universal Law of Gravitation?

Sir Isaac newton.

What elements were discovered by Sir Isaac Newton?

Isaac Newton made many discoveries in science, but did not discover any new elements.

Who discover the law of motion?

It was Sir Isaac Newton (1642-1727), English mathematician and physicist, who set down the laws of motion.

What type of things did sir isaac newton discover or invent?

gravity by a apple,

How did sir isaac newton discover calculus?

He did better than that.He invented it.

Who discovered the law of motion and the law of universal gravitation?

Sir Isaac Newton.