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one of the unexpected discoveries was the presence of underwater mountians. scientists located mid-ocean ridges, the longest mountain chains in the world.

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Q: What did the precision depth recorder help scientists discover?
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What is the precision depth recorder?

it precicely finds depth in a body of water and records it

What is a depth micrometer used for?

A "depth gauge micrometer" is used by engineers. A depth gauge micrometer is a precision instrument used to measure various depths of different items.

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What do scientists use to measure ocean depth?


Why do scientists use sonar?

to calculate the depth of the ocean floor

What can scientists do with sonar technology?

To find out the ocean`s depth

What is Electronic depth-sounding equipment which allowed scientists in the 1920's and later to precisely measure the ocean depth?


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How do scientists use sound to figure out the depth of the ocean?

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