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results of other experiments related to the subject.

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Q: What does a scientist need to review before conducting an experiment?
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Before conducting an experiment a scientist needs to review?

results of other experiments related to the subject.

What do scientist review before forming hypotheses?

scientific journal

What is the process by which scientist grade the work of other scientist before it is publish?

Peer review

What is a scientific method scientist use?

observe, make a hypothesis, experiment, conclusion, peer review, repeat

What are the Values and traits demonstrated by the scientist?

Scientists have several values by which they live. They always question everything, and also always experiment before they make a decision. They are honest and look for peer review and approval.

What should be done after data is collected for an experiment?

The scientist or student scientist should review the results. Conclusions should be drawn based on the results. Then, the hypothesis is reviewed to make sure the results confirm the hypothesis; if not, revise the hypothesis and rerun the experiment.

What is the process by which scientist check each others work before publication?

Peer review

What is the process of which scientist check each others work before publication in science journals?

peer review

What is the process in which experts in a given field examine the results and conclusions of a scientist study before that study is excepted for publication?

it needs to be checked

What should an experimenter do after analyzing data?

scientist analyes their experiment

A scientific paper that has passed through the peer review process is more respected than one that has not Why might a scientist value a peer-reviewed paper?

The described experiment meets or exceeds the standards of good science.

What are the four steps of the execution sequence of the after action review?