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That the substance is dangerous & explosive.

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Q: What does radioactive hazard mean?
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Can RADIANT be classified as a hazard?

Do you, perhaps, mean "radioactive"? Yes, radioactive materials can be hazardous. If you literally mean "radiant", i.e. glowing, that's not technically in itself a hazard.

What is a colourless radioactive gas considered to be a health hazard?

Radon is a colorless radioactive gas considered to be a health hazard.

Is radon a stable radioactive element?

Radon is radioactive and is actually a fairly common hazard because of this.

What is the US DOT classifaction for radioactive materials?

Hazard Class 7 is the class for radioactive materials.

Signs and symbols inside the laboratory?

animal hazard=sharp instrument hazard==heat hazard==glasses hazard==chemical hazard==electrical hazard==eye and face hazard==fire hazard==biohazard==laser radiation hazard==radioactive hazard==explosive hazard=

What does a radioactive hazard placard on a vehicle indicate?

The radioactive placard on a vehicle indicates that the vehicle carries some amount or regulated radioactive material.

What hazard class is uranium hexafluoride?

Uranium hexafluoride is in Transportation Hazard Class 7 (radioactive) with a Subsidiary Risk in Class 8 (corrosive).

What does the hazardous to environment symbol mean?

You can usually find hazard symbols near dangerous materials or areas like maybe you would find lots of radioactive hazard symblols in chernobyl, where the atomic explosion happened.

What is DOT Classification 7?

Hazard Class 7 is for radioactive materials.

What does the hazard warning sign on chemical tankers indicate?

Many hazard warnings exist: flammable, corrosive, toxic, radioactive, explosive, etc.

Which noble gas is lethal?

1. Any hazard, but noble gases are not respirable. 2. Radon is very radioactive and dangerous.

Dot class for radioactive materials?

The DOT (Department of Transportation) class for radioactive materials is Hazardous. The specific Hazard number will be determined by the exact name of the radioactive materials. Special permits and placarding are needed for vehicles carrying hazardous materials. The DOT class is categorized into 9 classes according to hazardous materials transportation. Class 7 is the general DOT class for radioactive materials.