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i believe it is called a spectrometer

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Q: What else would you measure temperature with and not a thermometer?
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How is temperature is measured?

Temperature is usually measured with a thermometer which tells you how many degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit the temperature is (Fahrenheit is the American measure and Celsius is what everyone else uses)

What is temperature and how a thermometer measures it?

temperture is how much or how many degree's it is and a thermometer measures it by sticking it in a place like water or something else and then the bar would go up or down like DUHHH

How do you check the temp of a refrigerator without a thermometer?

There are several things you can use to guestimate the temperature, but nothing else will give you a decent value for it.

How is temperature measured in Europe?

Same way as everywhere else - with a thermometer 2 meters off the ground, in celsius.

What else you can use to measure temperature?

A bi metal strip

Do you measure temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit?

Americans are the only ones that use Fahrenheit to measure temperature. Everyone else uses Celsius.

Can you use Candy thermometer in place of a meat thermometer?

No, because candy and meat thermometers are not capable of measuring ambient temperature, they must have contact with the object whose temperature it is gauging You can purchase an oven thermometer relatively cheaply at many discount retailers or cooking specialty stores.

How does clinical thermometer work?

this web site do not know anything about thermometers or something else

When the temperature increases the particles of the liquid inside a thermometer begin to move faster and what else?

Friction of the particles will increase the temperature. This is how a microwave works.

How scientist measure the temperature of the earth a thousand years ago?

In antarctica they measure it by bubbles trapped in the ice but i dont know about anywhere else

Where else is an outdoor thermometer used?


Objects can be measure in centimeter?

you can measure anything in centimeters but most things would be really big and you would want to measure them with something else