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The earth's crust moves because the earth has tectonic plates that move because the magma under the earth's surface is constantly boiling. Since the water moves, it causes the earth's crust to move.

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Beneath the tectonic plates is a thick layer of molten rock called magma. There is a lot of heat generated by radioactive decay deep in the Earth's core and this rises through the outermost magma layer causing it to flow. Since the tectonic plates are effectively floating on this magma layer they are affected by the flow and hence move.

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The crust is broken up into plates and these plates move on top of the mantle.

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Q: What explains the movement of the earth's crust?
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What are plate movement?

the movement of earths plates or crust

What theory explains changes in the earths crust?

Contenintal Drift theory

Does an earthquake mean there is a movement in the earths crust?

yes and no

What is a geololgist?

a person who studies the movement of the earths crust

What causes stress earths crust?

The movement in earths plates create powerful forces that pull or squeeze the rock in the crust.

How is heat transfer in the earths mantle related to the movement of the earths crust?

The heat transfer is moved to the crust. The earth's crust moves to the inner core

Which movement of the Earths crust implies that the continental crust is less dense than the oceanic crust?

Plate tectonic movement and subduction zones.

Theory that explains changes in Earths crust by internal forces?

Plate tectonics

An earthquake is a shaking caused by the sudden movement of the earths crust?


What causes faults in Earths crust?

The constant plate movement

What theory explains the movement of the pieces of earths surface?

theory of plate tectonics

A crack in the earths crust caused by tectonic plate movement is called a?