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paper clip

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Q: What household items that are one inch?
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What common household items measure half inch?

a regular sized sharpie at the biggest end is 1/2inch

What household items have technetium?

Any household items contain technetium.

What are four Russian household items?

one is a nesting doll

What household items can be measured in metric length?

Every one of them.

What household items contain chlorophyll?

Any household items contain chlorophyll.

What household items contain polonium?

Household items doesn't contain polonium.

What household items are one mile?

A thread might approach a mile.

One who sells miscellaneous household items?

target or home goods

What household items start with a?

Umbrella and underwear are items found in the household. They begin with the letter u.

What household items start with the letters 'sh'?

Some household items beginning with 'sh' are:ShelvesShampooSheetsShower

Where can you find an electricity cost calculator for typical household items such as a vacuum cleaner?

One can find an electricity cost calculator for household items by browsing local stores that sell household items. A good place to start would be a home depot or online sites such as Amazon.

What are soluble household items?

Some of the soluble household items are bleach, salt and sugar. They are common items in the kitchen and for doing laundry.