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picture graph

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Q: What is A picture for your data called?
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A picture of information from a data table is called?


A picture made of dots or lines comparing data?

It's called a graph.

Can you show me examples of data picture?

data pictures are graphs.

A chart is a picture of numeric data and is sometimes referred to as a range?

A chart is sometimes referred to as a graph and is a picture of numeric data.

What can you get for 1mb of data?

A small picture.

A numerical value used as a summary measure for a population of data is called?

This is called a sample statistic. These statistics are often used to give a general picture of a more specific whole.

What is meant by communication software?

sending or receiving a data which is in the form of sounds,picture...or any other ...with out any noise is called communication software

What is a way to organize and record results and observations called?

The information collected from an observation is called data.

How do you make a picture graph?

you think of what picture to use then draw it and use the data to do the rest

How does the interquartile range reflect data?

It gives a better picture of data collected because the data is not so spread out.

How big is 256k in picture size?

The 256k does not actually relate to a picture size, just how much data is in the picture. This is how many pixels there are (how many tiny squares of data make up the picture). This means that if you enlarge the picture, the pixels become more apparent (the image looks like it's made up of squares) however the amount of data (k) in the picture has not increased. If you decrease the size of the picture, the same number of pixels remain (but you can't see individual pixels). Only if you crop the picture, some pixels will be deleted so the data content (k) will be smaller. But (k) does not give a specific picture size. Hope that helps.

What are data about data called?

Data about data are called metadata. See the related question "What are metadata?" for more details.