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A lattice is arranged in a 3 dimensional pattern

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a 3 dimensional pattern

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That is called a crystal lattice.

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Q: What is arranged in a 3 dimensional pattern?
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What is a solid which is arranged in an orderly 3 dimensional pattern?

crystal or lattace

What dimensional pattern makes a rectangular solid?

A 3-dimensional pattern.

What are solids called if their particles are arranged in repeated three dimensional patterns?

I have no idea, I was actually looking for the answer. 3 dimensional

What is the difference between a module and a pattern?

A module is a 3-dimensional motif, and a pattern is a 2 dimensional decorative visual repetition.

What is force caused by collisions of particles?

3-dimensional pattern

What is the 3-dimensional pattern that ionic compounds are bonded in?

The name of this pattern is "crystal lattice".

How is a crystalline different from an amorphous solid?

The particles in crystalline solids are arranged in a repeating, three- dimensional pattern called a crystal. But amorphous solids often consist of large particles that are not arranged in a repeating pattern. They are found in a random arrangement which makes them to suck dicks or pussys!!

What is a 2 dimensional pattern of a 3 dimensional figure?

the hexagon divided into three rhombi looks like a box

What is the name of a 2 dimensional pattern that you make from a 3 dimensional product when it is folded?

A projection. A net is the other way around: a 2-d pattern that can be folded into a 3-d shape.

What is a recurring pattern in DNA with a 3 dimensional structure called?


What is a net for a square?

A net is a two dimensional pattern that can be cut out and folded to make a 3-dimensional [solid] shape. A 2-dimensional shape, such as a square, does not have a net!

What do you call a two -dimensional pattern of a three- dimensional pattern of a three-dimensional figure?