What is scientific variable?

Updated: 8/11/2023
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a scientific variable is.......

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Q: What is scientific variable?
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What are variable of the scientific method?

what are the variable

What are some examples of a scientific variable?

Some examples of a scientific variable is Independent Variable Control Variables :)

What can a variable be described as?

a variable can be described as a scientific change

What variable do you change when using the scientific method?

The independent variable

What changes in a scientific experiemnt?

Your variable changes in a scientific experiment.

What variable is affected by the independent cariable in the scientific method?

the independent variable

What does variable mean in a scientific method?

the word Variable means in the scientific method : to use more that one type of subseance in chemicles.

What is a scientific dependent variable?

The dependent varialbe is a variable that depends on the independent variable. The affet changes the problem.

What is the use of scientific discoveries called?

i think it is a scientific method or a variable.

What does iv mean in scientific method?

Independent Variable, its the variable that you can manipulate or change.

In a scientific experiment the responding variable can also be called the?

the dependent variable hhehehe(:

What is the variable in the scientific method?

a scientific method to tell what stayed the same in an experiment